Monday, September 28, 2009

Youth Fireside 9/27 Be Thou An Example

Be Thou An Example
Our fireside last night was our first ever for 
our youth and it was a wonderful one. Our
Rose City 1st youth were great in conducting
it and I can just say that I'm so proud of them.

Our Guest speakers were, Christi Lott - Our 
Stake Young Women's First Counselor & 
Second Guest Speaker was Sione Aisea. 
He is our young men first counselor. 

We felt the spirit with both speakers and
throughout the fireside. 

Our Young Women President, Lani Iongi
was unfortunately not present and was 
working. But was happy to hear from 
our reports that everything turned out just

Thanks so much to all you youth that 
were there helping, participating and more. 
We couldn't have done this without you 

Much ofas & God Bless,