Friday, April 9, 2010

Wednesday YW Activity

Clean-Up Wednesday for 
RC 1st Young Women. 

Litea, Eleni and Melefa are redoing the board
in the nursery room. There are two boards in 
there and we completed the one for Rose City

Again in color. This was Eleni's personal progress.

The kitchen was headed off by Tiva and some
of the Mia Maids and Beehives. It wasn't smelling
so good in there. So we cleaned out the fridge, 
counters and stove tops. We'll be back to clean
the oven. 

Lovely, Tasha and Thea stopping in to help
out the Beehives who are cleaning the library 
and organizing under Kathleen's watch. Lani too!

The girls categorized things that needed to be
put in it's right order, etc. 

Thea, Joana and Sarah organizing and decluttering.

Tidying up before we head out and lock up 
the library. Good Job, girls~

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